X-equals Color Lightroom Presets

X-equals Color Lightroom Presets

X-equals Color Lightroom Presets
X-equals Color Lightroom Presets

Color: infinite, romantic, life-altering, tantalizing, and as varied as nature itself.

We’ve captured its beauty in the form of classic films stocks that will feel uniquely familiar and romantic as the soft summer sun, or the contemplative morning blue you’ve enjoyed your whole life. No day is the same as the next, but the feeling is the same: joyous, playful, and inspiring.

Our film Presets bring this world to your screen with a personality all its own – a way of interpreting your moments – that special something –  into a language that is universal and uniquely yours.


That special something … that’s called style, and it separates the good from the great.

Creating your personal style takes time — it comes from hours shaping and reshaping countless images as you infuse your creativity into them. We get it — it’s time-consuming and requires commitment both mentally and financially, but we know you’re up for the challenge.

How Do You Stand Out With Your Unique Vision?

Lots of other Lightroom products offer you ways to apply a unique look to your work with a one-click fix that promises that your photos will stand out in an ever crowded digital universe.


How is your unique style going to come to life when anyone who buys these products can achieve the same look? It’s not. When you apply a single Preset as a stylistic choice, you’re not creating art, you’re following a fad. And that sucks.

You should demand a better answer – one that includes the best tools that shape and mold to your needs — rather than one-click effects that are simply a shortcut to sameness.

We Take A Different Approach

We’ve created a modular approach to Presets. By using the same techniques as the masters, we started by thinking of Presets as building blocks rather than lazy one-click effects.

Each Preset includes 3 variationsMixTone and Grain. This modular approach means that they can be used one at a time for specific effects in targeted areas, or to blended together drive an overall look that is uniquely yours.

Instead of adjusting sliders for hours in an ad hoc fashion, we’ve developed a modular approach that will get you farther, faster in a more directed and predictable way. As you drive your unique style and begin to define your palette, we make it easy to save your combinations as your own preset, and process a ton of images in batches to get your signature look—unique to you and only you.

XEQUALS Color brings a complete palette of true-to-life film emulations to my work that I never thought possible. Each Preset has such a unique and identifiable character. -C. Solomon Holmes

We’ve painstakingly worked to captured the essence of the classic Color films, tonings, and mixes to bring you a palette that is as varied and world-class as your own work.

Use Tools, Not Toys

By using these Presets in unison with one another, you can create combinations that represent you and only you. By finding the combinations that you love, you’ve fast-tracked the creation of your unique style — just like the greats.

With XEQUALS Color, you get access to over 200+ different styles to choose from including our most popular Presets:

  • Polaroid 669
  • Fuji Provia
  • Kodak Portra
  • Fuji Velvia
  • Kodak Gold
  • Kodak Kodachrome
  • Fuji Superia
  • Agfa RSX II
  • Konica Super XG
  • Fuji FP
  • Cross Processing Effects
  • And 200+ others …

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