WoPress - Flutter App For WordPress News Sites and Blogs

WoPress - Flutter App For WordPress News Sites and Blogs,WoPress v1.0 - Flutter App For WordPress News Sites and Blogs

WoPress - Flutter App For WordPress News Sites and Blogs

The app is created in such a way that helps the developer to customize the things easier. We are committed to keep adding a new feature and enhance app. We are providing a complete document that will help you in installation & running the application, although You are free to ask any question related to a product.,

This app is programmed in Dart, designed with flutter and integrated Firebase for push notifications, Branch.io for Deep-Linking. The same code is used for both iOS and Android


  • Any Operating System (ie. MacOS X, Linux, Windows)
  • Any IDE with Flutter SDK installed (ie. IntelliJ, Android Studio, VSCode etc)
  • A little knowledge of Dart and Flutter

Features availables

Powerful User Setting – the ability to enable the push notification, view favorites, show app verison, Dark mode, App Social Media Profiles Linkes, switching languages

Push notification – via Firebase and WordPress is supported

Google Analytics – easy to track the user online and the most viewd post via Firebase as the realtime

Easy Customization and While-labeling – support fully custom by getting the full source code package, free extra API.

No Internet Connection Page – when no internet connection is available the app will throw a warning page.

60 frames per second (fps) app – working really well on both iOS and Android with support with

Multi-Languages – support to switch to any languages and easy to add your own Languages, and default currency.

Powerful Option Config – to set the defalut app language, slider posts and recent posts counter and slider preferd category, and the FCM topic, enable and disaple popular posts section, enable and disable Interstitial and commenting , etc… .

Advance Reading Features – with scroll bar, Videos vewing, Full Screen Images viewing, Luanch URLs in Browser.

DeepLink for sharing – support for both ios and android, to help to reach to your app easier via another outside channel, such as route the user from website to open your app.

WoPress v1.0 - Flutter App For WordPress News Sites and Blogs

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