Winter Complete Collection

Winter Complete Collection

Winter Complete Collection
Winter Complete Collection


It’s that time of year again and to get through those cold winter months we’ve added even more items to our Winter collection. Winter is not only about the festive season for everyone. Those months from December through to February are about embracing the cold weather and enjoying the small things. Make your mockups cozy and “hygge” style with our tasty hot chocolate drinks, teas with cinnamon sticks, a glass of wine, balls of knitting wool, etc. Mix these new items with the faery lights, candles and woolly blanket from the already existing collection and you have the perfect update to create those warm scenes that we all love.


  • 580 New Items
  • 14 New Pre-made Scenes
  • 30 Backgrounds
  • 18 Overlay Effects (10 Shadow Effects and 8 Bokeh Effects)

The key to loving this magical season? Embrace it, and be sure to get yourself prepared with all the little things to make it the cosiest one yet. We’re talking hot chocolate from a ceramic mug, sat by an open fire wearing oversized chunky knit jumpers, draped under wool blankets, staring at the soothing greens and whites outside. YES.

Talking of being prepared, this collection will get you kitted out to create your own custom flatlay photography, so you can fine tune the layout, colors, feel and content to perfection for what you need. Whether that’s for the creative inspired by nature, sending seasonal graphic designs to your favourite people, a promotional marketing web header, designing invitations for upcoming celebrations, or styling your latest work in a portfolio update. Give your social media posts the seasonal edge to reflect your upcoming scheduled content.

692 items. Fully layered PSD files, dynamic shadow and customisable color and content. 7 pre-made scenes.


  • 1400+ Isolated objects
  • 31 Pre-made Scenes Scenes (PSD files)
  • 30 Backgrounds
  • Standard Resolution at 72 dpi
  • Includes High Resolution at 300dpi
  • Add your content with smart objects
  • Customize color object
  • Organised layers and folders
  • Separate all objects and shadows
  • Dynamic Shadow
  • Changeable background

Simplified Version NEW!

All of our collections are available in a simplified version. If you don’t have access to Photoshop, or you prefer to use other software, then this is the one for you. The simplified version of the Winter Collection includes all of the assets in the complete collection, but in layered PSD’s as well as layered PDF’s, JPG’s and PNG’s. These formats make for super simple use across many different platforms and software.

List of isolated objects

  • Acorn Painted (c)
  • Almond Metallic (c)
  • Biscuits
  • Blackboard (c) (+)
  • Bonsai Scissors
  • Candles
  • Clementines
  • Fir Tree Cones
  • Wood Log
  • Dried Oranges
  • Fir Tree w/ Snow
  • Fir Tree Leaf
  • Gift Tags
  • Halzenuts Metallic (c)
  • Ivy Leaves
  • Ivy Branches
  • Macademia Nuts
  • Marshmallows (c)
  • Ceramic Mug (c) (+)
  • Nut Cracker
  • Oranges
  • Rectangle Damaged Package (c) (+)
  • Squared Package (c) (+)
  • Paper Twine Bow (c)
  • Paper Twine (c)
  • Paper Twine Roll
  • Pinecones w/ Snow
  • Pinecones
  • Pinecones Birch White Wash
  • Large Pinecones
  • Painted Pinecones
  • Large Painted Pinecones
  • Ceramic Plate
  • Red Berries
  • Ribbons (c)
  • Ribbons Bow (c)
  • Wooly Scarves (c)
  • Snow
  • Snowball
  • Snow small and big piles
  • Wooden Painted Stick (c)
  • Sweater (c)
  • Twine (c)
  • Twine Bow (c)
  • Twine Roll (c)
  • Waffles
  • Walnuts
  • Winter Holly
  • Winter Pine Tree
  • Wooly Hat (c)



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