Travel Blogger LR - Presets

Travel Blogger LR - Presets

Travel Blogger LR - Presets

10 perfect Presets for Lightroom - for awsm. Instagram Posts for just 10$! All 10 presets will perfect work with your photos just in one click

�� Product Description

This Product includes 20 custom ready to use Lightroom Presets.

Each template is really​ easy to personalise and ready to be used. All templates are editable with Photoshop. Feel free to change everything. This means you can add your own images to them and update the template to your own! 

�� You'll get

  • Preset 1 // Red Sunset - perfect for extrem sunset shots
  • Preset 2 // Palmy - perfect for Flowers & Palms
  • -Preset 3 // Perfect Sunset - yellow, happy sunsets ;-)
  • Preset 4 // Blue water - bring the blue back in your photos for the perfect water color
  • Preset 5 // Beach - Nice green tones and orange/brown sand
  • Preset 6 // Old Film - nice old film look without grain, like a modern polaroid
  • Preset 7 // Green Summer - extrem green tones for perfect late summer hours
  • Preset 8 // Stormy - bring more color in your pictures like a storm of colors
  • Preset 9 // Sun - brings a nice yellow light on your pictures
  • Preset 10 // Orange - bring bride colors to your pictures, like a hot & sunny day

�� Please Note!

All presets work differently with each photo. This will be based on the colors, tones, lighting of your photos!...After applying the presets, make sure to play around with your: Exposure, temperature, contrast, shadows, whites to get the perfect picture. Works with JPG & Raw Images. By Purchasing this item, you are automatically agreeing to the following terms. No refunds or exchanges can be made on digital products once they have been downloaded.

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