The Retro-Painting Machine

The Retro-Painting Machine

The Retro-Painting Machine
The Retro-Painting Machine

Retro/Vintage Photoshop Action This graphic resource created in collaboration with SodaSong, gives you a quick & easy possibility to apply a high-quality retro/vintage/old style painting effect to your photos & images. You can use it on every photo or image of any size. You just need to install the actions following our detailed guide and choose one of the painting effects, based on the size of your image, included in the pack. Recreate the great feeling that only vintage retro advertising pages and magazine of the 50’s 60’s or 70’s ads could give. Use it to bring back in time every photo you want: from a classic Housewife to a sexy Pin-up, from Toy to a Soda, every kind of subject will produce a great result! And you can add an extra vintage touch to your image with 15 great color filters presets!

What do you get

  • 1 .Atn Photoshop File with the Actions
  • A Step-by-step installation & instructions guide


  • Professional Vintage Painting Action in 3 Optimized Photo Sizes
    • 1000px Canvas
    • 2000px Canvas
    • 3000px Image Canvas
  • Each effect is layered and foldered
  • You just need to push play to have an instant effect
  • Includes 15 Extra Color Presets

Google Driver   ||   MegaNZ

Password Unzip:

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