Designed to be used in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw.  They are presets, not actions! Please read the recommended programs at the bottom of this listing before purchasing.

A passionate set of CM exclusive presets from photographer, Brittany Chandler. They are a collection of 22 total presets that contain; 6 stackable, 10 black and white, and 6 color presets that often come in a “clean” or “matte” version to add an instant beauty and emotion to your images. Here are the presets included and their descriptions:

6 Stackable Presets. These presets are designed to be stacked, added to, manipulated, and tweaked to get a unique look.

  • Atmosphere-a moody contrast preset with a hint of matte
  • Intensity-a preset that brightens your image and adds a nice color pop
  • Luminous-adds a light and airy feel to your image
  • Intimate {Clean or Matte}-adds a peachy warmth to your image. Choose either the clean or matte version
  • Sweetness-brightens image and adds a light pink haze while keeping skin looking nice

10 Black and White Presets. B&W presets are probably my favorite presets to create and play with. You can get so many different effects depending on the light, shadows, subjects etc. Some include a clean and matte version.

  • Adoration {clean or matte}-a light contrast mix that works for indoor and outdoor images. This looks especially heavenly on outdoor images with a lot of greenery and sun.
  • Emotional {clean or matte}-a high contrast with deep vignette to add an emotional feeling to an image
  • Intentional {clean or matte}-a beautiful, rich mix that was made with high contrast, indoor images in mind
  • Moody-The name says it all. This preset has a high contrast mix to add a moody element to your image
  • Personality {clean or matte}-This preset adds oomph and emotion to any image with high contrast and skin enhancing settings
  • Raw-the moodiest and strongest of black and white presets. Use this preset when you want to make a statement and enhance a raw, emotive image.

6 Color Presets. These gorgeous presets are made with people in mind. Enhance the beauty of the image while keeping everyone’s skin looking radiant. Indoors or out, these presets with help your images shine. Each preset includes a clean and matte version.

  • Affection {clean or matte}-Enhance an urban, outdoor, or indoor setting with this this color popping and skin enhancing preset.
  • Aura {clean or matte}-Add beauty and a hint of brightness with this preset that works well on both indoor and outdoor images.
  • Originality {clean or matte}-This preset will quickly become a favorite. Take a beautiful SOOC one step further with the portrait enhancing preset that tweaks your image in the slightest and most beautiful way.

The Authentic Set is intended to be an essential part of your editing workflow. First, it is recommended to upload your image and get the exposure and white balance looking correct (by eye). Then simply apply the presets that you think will compliment the image best. The presets will occasionally need tweaking depending on the image. Often times, you will find the presets to be a great “one-click” edit. My stackable presets that are labeled with a * are able to be stacked and added to, to create a unique look.  You can see a tutorial on how Brittany uses her presets On the CM Blog here:

Recommended programs:

The download contains a Lightroom Version and a ACR version.

The Lightroom version are optimized for Lightroom 4 and higher and are compatible with Lightroom CC; they are not compatible with earlier versions of Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Photoshop Elements. They are not actions.

The ACR set of presets can be used in Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop C5 and higher, or Photoshop CC)   They are not actions, they are presets.

Downloadable items are NON-REFUNDABLE due to the nature of the product.

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