Meet the brand new presets - Enhanced profiles to use in Adobe Lightrom 1.3/2.0 and later, Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3/8.0 and later, Adobe Camera RAW 10.3/11.0 and later, Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 v19.1.3/ 2019 v20.0 and later with Camera RAW plug-in.

!!! Not compatible with the older versions of Lightroom (1-7.2, like CC2015.5 and ACR below 10.3), it's not possible to recreate the profiles as the presets, so please check the version of the software before buying. Again, you need April 2018 release (Lightroom v1.3, Lightroom Classic v7.3, ACR 10.3) or later. Sorry No Refunds.

Technicolor© is a color film printing process invented in 1916. It was the most widely used color process in Hollywood from 1922 to 1952 and celebrated for its saturated levels of color. The Dye-transfer process was discontinued by Technicolor in 2002 after the company was purchased by Thomson. The visual aesthetic of Dye transfer Technicolor continues to be used in Hollywood, usually in films set in the mid-20th century. Parts of The Aviator (2004), the biopic of Howard Hughes, were digitally manipulated to imitate color processes that were available during the periods each scene takes place.

Technicolor HDR Technicolor has been part of the Hollywood landscape for over a century, and now it's aiming for prominence in your home too. Its weapon is a new TV format called Advanced HDR.

Lightroom Mobile users please read:

The list of Raztrend Technicolor profiles:

  • Technicolor 2 Strip Process 1
  • Technicolor 2Strip 1 Adjusted
  • Technicolor 2 Strip Process 2
  • Technicolor 2Strip Process 2 Fleischer Studios
  • Technicolor 2Strip Process 2 Var. 1
  • Technicolor 2Strip Process 2 Var. 2
  • Technicolor 2 Strip Process 3
  • Technicolor 2Strip Process 3 Var. 1
  • Technicolor 2Strip Process 3 Var. 2
  • Technicolor 3 Strip Process 4 Dye Transfer
  • Technicolor 3Strip Process 4 Var. 1
  • Technicolor 3Strip Process 4 Var. 2
  • Technicolor 3Strip Process 4 Var. 3
  • Technicolor 3Strip Process 4 Var. 4
  • Technicolor 3Strip Process 4 The Aviator
  • Technicolor HDR
  • Technicolor HDR REC 2020 Dolby Vision

In the package you will get:

  • 12 Enhanced profiles (.xmp) compatible with Lightoom 1.3+, Lightroom Classic 7.3 + and ACR 10.3 +,
  • Zip archive to use in Lightroom 1.4/2.0+, Lightroom Classic 7.5, 8.0+,
  • Installing and Using Single or Multiple Enhanced profiles in LR and ACR (.pdf).

How to use:

  • Profiles are non-destructive and can be changed without loss of quality.
  • Suitable for RAW and Non-RAW (JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc.) images.
  • Suitable for Color and Monochrome images.
  • Can be viewed in the Preset Browser.
  • Easily customizable with Amount slider. You may make the finishing touches as well.
  • Compatible with Mac, and PC.
  • Easy to install.

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