Sky Adventures DAY & NIGHT

Sky Adventures DAY & NIGHT

Sky Adventures DAY & NIGHT
Sky Adventures DAY & NIGHT

Sky Adventures DAY & NIGHT - Hand drawn clipart - PNG, Vector & SVG - Adorable bunnies, balloons, DIY elements, textures, tileable patterns and more!

Everything you need to create amazing bunny designs, fully editable kit - bunnies, balloons, clouds, stars, moon, flowers, birds and butterflies, DIY elements, hand drawn textures, frames, tileable patterns. Pre-made ready to use compositions are included, as well as plain versionsCreate your own compositions suitable for your designs easy with DIY elements. Sample scene is included to learn how! With vector software you are able to change the colors and shapes of any object. Bonus - SVG files of hand drawn sketches may be used as digital stamps :) Create cutest bunny designs in minutes with this versatile kit. Ideal for nursery decorations, textiles, baby books, birthday invitations and announcements, wall art and kids fashion.

All the items are hand sketched and transferred to vector format. You will find PNG files on transparent background, All-in-one vector EPS10 file, JPG and EPS10 files for patterns.

What is included?

  • 15 compositions with bunnies
  • 7 plain bunny versions
  • 4 butterflies & 6 birds variations
  • 7 balloons plus variations
  • 7 clouds
  • 5 stars
  • 27 DIY elements - bows, versatile bucket, moon, large star with cute face, floral bursts, lettering elements
  • 7 frames
  • 6 floral compositions
  • 26 individual floral elements
  • 9 hand drawn textures
  • 6 hand drawn bunny sketches as PNG on transparent background
  • 6 bunny sketches as SVG files
  • 4 background elements
  • 12 tileable patterns as JPGs & vector EPS10 files
  • 1 night and day background as JPG + vector in the allinone EPS10 file
  • 1 Pre-maid sky scene as EPS10 vector file
  • 1 Cute sample pre-maid card as EPS10 vector file
  • 1 Vector All-In-One EPS10 file

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