Real Estate Presets Collection

Real Estate Presets Collection

Real Estate Presets Collection
Real Estate Presets Collection

I introduce you my Real Estate Photography Presets Collection (Vol. 1)! This is a collection of 20 presets created by me and designed for the real estate, indoor and outdoor photography editing. The 20 presets have been created with the aim of illuminating your photos in a simple way and giving them a "professional touch". Therefore, they are suitable for every type of need: from classic wooden furniture photos to light colored environments with a minimal and relaxing style, passing through the exterior of the houses, outdoor presets for day and nights.

The 20 presets are:

  1. Simple quick basic retouching
  2. Lighting with delicate blacks
  3. Lighting in blue with highlights
  4. Lighting for classic wooden interiors
  5. Soft lighting for classic wooden interiors
  6. Relaxing lighting for bedrooms
  7. Minimal style lighting soft light rooms
  8. Classic environment that tends to white
  9. Classic environment that tends to white with strong details
  10. Minimal style lighting soft light rooms with strong details
  11. Delicate basic lighting for outdoor – day
  12. Basic lighting for garden – day
  13. Outdoor soft saturated lighting – night
  14. Romantic view 14b. Special vintage color indoor (warm tones)
  15. Semi desaturated minimal style
  16. Dreamin California style
  17. Perspectives high house
  18. Soft corner of relaxing paradise
  19. Classic home inspired style
  20. Dark color home

Requirements: Adobe Lightroom, desktop version.

The .ZIP file includes:

  • The collection of 20 presets (.LRT files)
  • The rules of use.

If you are still undecided about the purchase, you have the option to download one of the presets (No. 8) for free before buying here:

Credits photos: the photos used for the presentation of the preset are owned by Unsplash and are not included in the preset download.

Google Driver   ||   MegaNZ

Password Unzip:

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