Quiche Flare Font Family

Quiche Flare Font Family

Quiche Flare Font Family
Quiche Flare Font Family

Quiche Flare is a high-contrast, flared serif typeface featuring foxtail ball terminals, swash capitals, and geometric proportions. The 14 font family is made up of weights ranging from thin to black with matching italics, making them useful for a variety of display applications: print, web, branding, advertising, magazines, products, packaging, labels, invitations, stationery, fashion, etc.

The design exhibits both elegance and a touch of whimsy with the foxtail terminals. The flared serifs add more interest, beauty, and movement to the characters, while the large x-height helps it appear modern and bold.

Quiche Flare has many OpenType features:

  • Swash capitals
  • Stylistic alternate “a”
  • Ligatures
  • Fractions, subscripts, and superscripts

14 OpenType .otf fonts included in purchase:

  • Quiche Flare Thin (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Flare Light (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Flare Regular (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Flare Medium (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Flare Bold (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Flare ExtraBold (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Flare Black (plus Italic)

This font has extensive Latin language support (100+ Latin languages) for Western, Central, and South Eastern European.

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