Night Sky & Fine Art Landscape Presets For Adobe Lightroom

If you are like me and want to find new ways to improve your Night Sky and Landscape photographs, this preset collection is perfect for you!

I feel inspired to capture night sky and landscape photography. This inspiration has led me to create a set of Lightroom presets with my expertise in the field. I created Saga Lightroom Presets for my personal work, but since I love to share my knowledge I have released it to the public. This complete photography collection uses the same kind of step by step process as the Phase Presets. With the step by step method, you can control every important part of your post-processing. From creating atmospheric photographs to removing noise and light pollution from your night time photos. This collection is optimized for Lightroom CC & 6, but it also works in older versions of Lightroom.


  • 54 Presets for Star and Landscape Images – A unique set of presets created to suit night sky and landscape photographs.

  • 23 Local Adjustment Presets – Add detail to the stars, remove light pollution and create depth.

  • 37 Graduated Filters For Star Photographs – Balance your image and boost the Milky Way with these presets.

  • 14 Graduated Filters for Landscape Photographs – Use these filters to create sense of depth in your landscape photograph.

  • 5 Remove Light Pollution Presets – Easiest way to get rid of light pollution.

  • 20 Color Presets – Add color effects to your images.

  • 18 Effect Presets – When you want to create that overall atmosphere use these presets.

  • 3 Noise Reduction Presets – Suitable for most of night sky images shot with High ISO.

  • 3 Sharpening Presets – Final sharpening before export.

  • 7 Export Presets – To suit your exporting categories. From Instagram to Facebook and printed media.

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