Animals Lightroom Presets Bundle

Animals Lightroom Presets Bundle
Animals Lightroom Presets Bundle

Animals Lightroom Presets Bundle

Animals/Pets Lightroom Presets for the goodest of bois and the bestest of four-legged buddies. Show your love for your friend with a special Lightroom Preset Bundle to edit animals photos — for your Instagram following’s enjoyment.

Included in the Animals/Pets Lightroom Presets Bundle:


• 15 Lightroom presets (for Lightroom Desktop) 
• PDF with Installation Instructions
• FREE 9 Graduated Filters, 7 Color Overlays, 7 Toning Presets
• FREE Custom Exposure Levels, Contrast Levels and Light Leaks
• FREE Customer Care & Support

Preset Installation

See the attached PDF file for instructions.

(FILES ARE ARCHIVED AS A ZIP ARCHIVE. If you don’t have a software to extract the files, visit:

You would need Adobe Lightroom for PC or Mac to use these presets!

COPYRIGHT By purchasing from Filmotheque on CM, you are only granted a Personal Use Only license. All Lightroom Presets are the property of Filmotheque and may not be shared or reproduced in any form. © 2017 Filmotheque: All trademarks the property of their respective owners. VSCO is used as a reference to create the presets only.

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