Pinky film lightroom preset

Pinky film lightroom preset

Pinky film lightroom preset
Pinky film lightroom preset

I work hard to improve my digital shots to look like film ones. So today i share my new favorite preset that will make your editing of photographs easy as never before. It will make your sunset or daylight photos tasty and tender (if i may say that way).


Preset is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4-7, Classic & CC Versions The archive is a good that can’t be exchanged or returned after paying Preset is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows PC computers and can be easily adjusted to fit your images Do not share the files, or sell them in any form. Derivative works are also prohibited. VIOLATORS OF THIS AGREEMENT WILL BE PROSECUTED.


The Presets are Professionally made. All of them have been tested on a variety of images and they are very versatile. As a photographer myself I use these tools to speed up my workflow, and give my images a creative edge.

Take your photography to the next level, being able to professionally edit your images.

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