Mr. Tailor is a Premium WooCommerce Theme suitable for small business owners to tell their stories and sell their products online. Used by over 6,000+ users worldwide, the theme competes by providing easy installation & setup tools, reliable updates, low maintenance and Envato Elite author customer service provided by GetBowtied.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 7
Easy Installation & Setup

Import the demo content, edit and customize it to your needs, add your products and start selling online.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 8
Updates and Support

We?re constantly working on improving the theme, keeping it up to date with the technology around.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 9
Theme Documentation 
& Video Guides for Beginners

Step by step guides accompanied by video walkthroughs will help you configure and customize your new theme.


Fully Customizable ? Powerful Theme Options Panel

Take control over the appearance of your site using the Theme Options panel. Make it unique in a few clicks.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 12
Advanced Typography Options

The theme integrates Google Web Fonts, offering you a large variety of typefaces to choose from when customizing the theme.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 13
Fully Responsive Design

A beautiful experience on any device, desktop, tablet or phone.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 14
Portfolio Gallery To
Showcase Your Work

The importable dummy data will help you get started with building pages like the ones you see in the theme demo.



Sell Anything Online

Shippable or Downloadable Products, you got everything you need to start a powerful online store and manage it like a boss.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 17
Color, Size, etc -
Variable Products

Sell products in different variations, such as color, size or anything else that makes sense to your items.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 18
Digital Downloads

Sell eBooks, digital photography, music, design templates or any other downloadable products.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 19
Customer Reviews

Add more value to your store items by engaging users into reviewing them for better social validation.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 20
Start an Affiliate Business

Earn money online by selling products from external sites and affiliate partners such as

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 21
Collect Payments

PayPal, Credit Cards, Checks, Cash on Delivery. These are built-in payment methods, but you?re not limited to the ones listed above.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 22
Sell Anywhere – 
Your Language, Your Currency

Calculate shipping fees and collect taxes on the go for each order.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 23
Manage Inventories, 
Get Business Insights with Reports

Keep up with the store performance using the built-in reports. Track orders, customers and stock.

Mr. Tailor - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - 24
Catalog Mode – 
Turning off the eCommerce

Mr Tailor was specifically built to help you achieve an amazing online shopping experience. As a store manager, you?ll love WooCommerce.


Extended Features List

  • Quick Installation;
  • One-Click-Demo Import;
  • Automatic Updates;

Header and Navigation Options

Instead of providing a few different fixed header templates or styles, Mr. Tailor allows you to adjust, customize, enable or disable individual elements of the header which means unlimited options.

  • Sticky Header with alternative logo;
  • Header Transparency;
  • Header Backgrounds;
  • Adjustable Header size;
  • Enable/Disable the Top Bar;
  • Social Media Icons;
  • Multi-Column drop-down menus;
  • Image backgrounds for drop-down menus;
  • Centered logo alternative;
  • Adjustable navigation font size and color;

Visual Composer Page Builder

Build fully custom pages by mixing and matching the elements available with the theme. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface of Visual Composer enables you do that without any coding knowledge and above all you?re saving $34 on this premium plugin, it comes free with the theme.

  • Front-End and Back-End Page Builder;
  • Lots of Pre-Built Layouts;
  • Parallax Backgrounds / Sections;
  • Video Backgrounds;

Powerful Customization Options

  • Upload Your Logo;
  • Upload Your Favicon;
  • Child-Theme Included for Advanced Customization;
  • Multiple Blog Layout Options Options;
  • Built-in Portfolio Functionality;

Advanced Font Options

  • Google Webfonts Integration;
  • Adobe Typekit Integration;
  • Change color, size, weight, line-height;
  • Fully Responsive Design;
  • Translation-Ready;
  • WPML-Ready;
  • Cross-Browser Compatible (Chrome / Firefox / IE 9+ / Safari);

Shop / eCommerce Features

WooCommerce is a free Wordpress plugin, which means you can install it right away on your WordPress site, even before purchasing the theme and see if it fits your eCommerce needs.

  • Powerful Store Management (Built for WooCommerce);
  • Sell Simple or Variable Products;
  • Sell Digital / Downloadable Products;
  • Sell External / Affiliate Products;
  • Built-in Order Tracking System;
  • Intricate Tax & Shipping Options;
  • Customers can Rate / Review Products;
  • Unlimited Categories & Subcategories;
  • Filter Products (eg by size, color, etc.);
  • Built-in Coupon System;
  • Gain Insights from the Store Reports;
  • One Page Checkout;
  • Easy Shipping Calculator;
  • Optional Wishlist Functionality;

Shop Customization Features

  • On-Screen or Off-Canvas Sidebar;
  • Enable/Disable the Breadcrumbs;
  • Change the number of products per column;
  • Change the number of products per page;
  • Choose between different loading animations for products;
  • Optional Product Page Sidebar;
  • Zooming Feature for the Product Image Gallery;
  • Social Media Sharing Options;

A note on imagery

  • The stock imagery used in the theme’s demo are not coming with the importable content that will replicate the layouts you see there. They’re replaced with blanks so you can easily replace the images with yours.

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