Moody Tones Mobile Lightroom Preset

Moody Tones Mobile Lightroom Preset

Moody Tones Mobile Lightroom Preset

Moody Tones Lightroom Preset for Mobile DNG · Modern Preset · Lightroom Mobile Preset Dng

Moody Tones Mobile Lightrom Preset

✨This presets is ideal to give your images an intimate atmosphere with a vintage touch, the rendering is very similar to the vintage prints of the past, but the work on colors and contrast makes it very modern and contemporary. Ideal to give a creative touch to your images or to give depth and intrigue.

This presets will give a creative touch to your Instagram feed, whether you\’re a professional photographer or an influencer, you won\’t be disappointed. This Mobile Lightroom Preset* is ideal for those who want to give their Instagram feed a modern, contemporary look.

Translated with (free version) Suggested use: portraits, outdoor weddings, still life & lifestyle, blogger images, fashion.

The presets are easy to adjust to fit your images and your taste, there are also slight variations in color and tone to ensure you find the right effect for your images.


  • 1 Mobile Lightroom Presets (.dng)
  • Instructions – How to install Lightroom Presets MOBILE (PDF)


  • Mede for Lightroom Mobile ONLY
  • Works on RAW and JPEG images
  • Fully adjustable & customizable
  • PDF Installation Instructions Included

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