Mobile Lightroom Preset MOODY MOI

Mobile Lightroom Preset MOODY MOI

Mobile Lightroom Preset MOODY MOI
Mobile Lightroom Preset MOODY MOI

This is a great soft moody preset with darker shadows and a hint of warmth. This blogger preset works great for portraits, outside photography, bloggers, and fashion. It will work on both indoor and outdoor photos. It has been tested on a variety of I-phone photos which makes it perfect for anyone who loves shooting with their phone.


  • Moody Moi - DNG file (single preset)
  • Mobile Instructions - DNG file


  • After applying the presets, make sure to play around with your:
    1. Exposure
    2. Shadow/black
    3. Luminance/saturation orange for skin tone

I tried making this preset as versatile as I could but please note that your pictures may need some additional adjustments based on your lighting, shooting style, camera settings, etc...

I'm always happy to help you use the preset(s) to the best of your abilities so don't hesitate to private message me would you encounter any issue or have any questions!

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the content, once downloaded, I cannot issue refunds.

BY PURCHASING THIS ITEM, YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY AGREEING TO THE FOLLOWING: Do not share or sell the files in any form. These presets may only be used by the buyer (single user).

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