Maths - The way of new learning

Maths - The way of new learning

Maths - The way of new learning

A Simple yet amazing math application for students, teachers and parents.Increase your brainpower using more then 36 thousands of mathematical questions/quiz.

it’s one type of Math Game for Kids which provides a daily test to practice on random math operations. The printable math quizzes are great practice on math worksheets for kids to reinforce basic math concepts and improve the speed with accuracy on basic math facts.


  • ☆ Worksheet Generator (Download Printable PDF – With/Without Answers)
    ☆ Daily Test/Quiz
    ☆ Basic Operations on Number Base
    ☆ Fractions and Decimals
    ☆ Mixed Operators
    ☆ Percentage
    ☆ Square
    ☆ Square Root
    ☆ Cube
    ☆ Cube Root
    ☆ Find Missing
    ☆ Addition Worksheets
    ☆ Subtraction Worksheets
    ☆ Multiplication Worksheets
    ☆ Division Worksheets
    ☆ Integers Worksheets
    ☆ Decimals Worksheets
    ☆ Fractional Worksheets
    ☆ Mixed Operators Worksheets
    ☆ Percentage Worksheets
    ☆ Square Worksheets
    ☆ Square Root Worksheets
    ☆ Cube Worksheets
    ☆ Cube Root Worksheets
    ☆ Find Missing Worksheets
    and Much More!


what’s new in update (26-5-2020)

- improve app performance

- fix minor bug base on user feedback

- add 10 reward coin after showing video ads


Benefits :

✓ Test your maths skills: Provides a range of specially tailored features for the assessment of math proficiency level.

✓ Revise your knowledge: Handy and timely way to revise the math material you have previously studied to make sure it is fixed in your memory.

✓ Identify your strengths and needs in Math: Focus on maths topics that require more attention. Detect weaker areas of your maths knowledge and gain perfection by practicing.

✓ Succeed in the math exam: Make sure that you are well prepared for the upcoming math exam. Math Quiz preparation for the exam is thorough and productive.

Maths v1.0 - The way of new learning

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