The WordPress LMS Course Builder theme is a multi-purpose, high quality eLearning WordPress LMS (Learning management system) for teachers, instructors, education center, schools, universities to create and manage your own online course website. This theme’s flexibility and power can help you easily create beautiful online courses, share your knowledge the world and get some revenue by selling them. Course Builder is easy to use with no coding knowledge required while providing the best education website design and experience that helps to maximize conversion rates for you.

The WordPress Learning Management System theme made exclusively for you – Course Builder

  • Do you want to help people, share your knowledge and inspire others?
  • Do you want to create your own online education school and website?
  • Do you want to have complete control of your course, design, and revenue?
  • Are you a teacher, an instructor that has great knowledge and course content and you want a COMPLETE SOLUTION for an elearning WPLMS website that’s easy to implement, easy to use and doesn’t take much of your time?
  • You want a website that is the most beautiful and the most effective in persuading your student to take your course (highest Conversion Rate)?
  • Do you want to create FULL FEATURE online courses with Video or text lesson content, Quizzes, multiple question types, certificate, comment system, email notification, sell course and subscription plans, online webinar, etc. ?

It would be an unforgivable mistake if the best e-learning LMS WordPress theme doesn’t go with the best WordPress LMS. That’s the reason why we bundled LearnPress WordPress LMS – the best open source LMS with this theme, hoping that its amazingly wide range of online course and school management system features will be your best friend.

With more than 20,000 current customers, LearnPress LMS has the most active installs amongst other WordPress LMS like LearnDash, LifterLMS, CoursePress or Sensei and it is rated as not only the best Free Open source LMS plugin but also as one of the leading reliable Learning Management System for any individual or organization to build an awesome online learning   teaching platform. This theme is the most suitable to create an online course website for education centers, for Udemy/Teachable/Thinkific online instructors, tutors and teacher, or a school website or website for a university.

As a commitment to support global education movement and to help you succeed, we included with the theme a full package of LearnPress Premium Add-ons Bundle – LearnPress Theme BundleClick here to claim your bonus bundle after you have bought this WordPress LMS theme. This allows you to have the total freedom   complete control of your website while enjoying one of the highest quality WordPress theme   plugin.

(This is not a bonus, gift, rebate or an additional freebie as it is included in the theme as part of the theme like WooCommerce, Font-Awesome, etc. But since it’s large and contains many different add-ons that might be unnecessary to some, it is given this way so you can choose which one to install on your own.)

The best WordPress LMS Theme – Launch your courses successfully at ease

One click install, four demos – No Coding Required. No Effort Required.

To empower you with the power of achieving more with less, the theme goes with 3 different demos for all types of education organization: Big school, small school, and instructor demo. Also, each demo has many pages with pre-design elements that are pre-filled with content. All you have to do is to install the theme and edit the content (logo, slogan, course information, pricing, etc.) so that it fits your information.

Installation is easier than ever with the One-Click Install. You can choose to go with any demo that you like, and your eLearning website will be automatically installed with full functions in just a few minutes.

Just focus on teaching and forget about all the technical parts. This WordPress LMS theme will take care of it for you.

Brand new PRO features of the leading LMS software in this theme


Have you ever taken a course on Udemy, Coursera or EdX? The reason they are the most popular online learning websites is that they focus on giving an unmatched experience to the student while learning and one such of that is to let them focus on the course they are learning via the course dashboard. Here with WordPress LMS – WPLMS, we implemented the same course dashboard feature which is only visible to registered course learners, and it will only display information about the course, the current lesson that the students are taking. It even shows the comments from other students in the same course to every lesson and builds a community of the course. This helps improving retention rate and make your student more loyal to your online education WordPress website.


With this Online Course Builder WordPress theme, instructors can now communicate with his students by sending course announcements and email notification to his students. These announcements will also be shown in the announcement tab in the course dashboard so anyone can see it.


As some instructors want to design their own course landing page, we have created the Enroll shortcode which can be embedded to any page to make student register to a course easier by clicking to the button generated by the shortcode. Therefore, if you use Visual Composer to create a killer landing page, you can now embed the Enroll shortcode and have your students signup easily. This is the demo landing page made by VC and this shortcode that you can definitely use for your website: Demo course landing page

Flexible Payment Option with WooCommerce, Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, 2Checkout and create Subscription plan easily with Paid Membership Pro

This theme will help you to launch and sell your courses and to collect payment easily. All that’s left for you is to attract your students.

With WooCommerce integrated to the theme, you can sell courses easily in your currency and WooCommerce works with almost all payment gateways in the world. What if you don’t want WooCommerce? You can always use our payment gateway integration built especially for LearnPress like Stripe (Stripe Add-on for LearnPress – Read tutorial here), Authorize.net (Authorize.net Add-on for LearnPress – Read tutorial here), 2CheckOut (2CheckOut Add-on for LearnPress – Read tutorial here), or the default Paypal payment gateway.

More importantly, you can now sell monthly course subscription or turn your website into a membership website with LearnPress Paid Membership Pro.

Payment option is plenty and flexible. Just create the course and the theme will handle the payment part easily.

Remember, unlike other course platforms, this theme is One-Time Payment and it will not cost you any recurring fees or transaction fees to maintain. There is just no limit on courses, lessons, quizzes, and students.

Beautiful Intuitive User Interface with a bold look.

  • Course collection
  • Feature course
  • Testimony
  • Teacher list, Teacher profile

Event management – Create events and sell tickets with ease.

  • Can the theme help you host an offline event? Yes!.
  • Can it let you sell tickets online? Yes!

With the built-in WordPress Event Manager plugin, you can create and manage events easily. You can set a price for the ticket, the quantity of the ticket and even display the venue of your events to the visitors.Creating and managing events has never been easier before.

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