Lightroom Portait Presets (XMP+DNG)

Lightroom Portait Presets (XMP+DNG)

Lightroom Portait Presets (XMP+DNG)

In this pack is included 20 Premium Lightroom presets Carefully crafted with maximum precision and stackable adjustments to help achieve highly cinematic look on your photographs.

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★★​★​ WHAT’S INCLUDED ★​★★​

  • 20 custom presets compatible with mobile and desktop

  • XMP and DNG files included

  • RAW and JPEG compatible

Ride or Die Prestance Forever Young Sincerity Bella Whisper Majestic Texas Beach Time Closer Dusty Joy Underground Gold Tone Soulful Fashionista Explorer Crispy Vintage Moulin Rouge


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DISCLAIMER: Please remember presets are meant to be a base to work off and they look differently on every image just because every image is different. In some cases you may need to adjust slightly the settings in order to get your desired grading.


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