Light & Orange Presets Pack

Light & Orange Presets Pack

Light & Orange Presets Pack
Light & Orange Presets Pack

Light & Orange Lightroom Presets Pack has been created a unique & the absolute way to achieve a very modern, glamorous, trendy & Instagram aesthetic look. You will get the best fashionable, professional & non-destructive result from this pack.

What Includes:

  • 30 Desktop Lightroom Presets (.lrtemplate)
  • 30 Mobile Lightroom Presets (.dng)
  • Detailed Help File (PDF file)

Create an Awesome, Stunning Photos & Generate Your Instagram Influence.

Create exceptional photography & a stunningly look. Light & Orange Presets pack helps you to elevate your social media presence & generate your photos an amazing look. Whether your photos are fashion, landscape, nature, portrait, flat, fitness, food, lifestyle or any other home images this editing preset pack will help you achieve a new level of photo editing & looking. Having a consistent Instagram or social profile look that helps you gain followers, and grow your brand much more.

All of our presets have been tested on a variety of different images and in most cases create an amazing look with just one click. Presets will look differently on all images depending on lighting situations and background colors. It is normal to make some adjustments after applying a preset. I suggest you get the maximum result please avoid very low or high exposure images.

This Light & Orange Lightroom Pack is everything you’ll need to edit your photos and take your photos to the next level! Greece, California, Dubai, Asia, Cappadocia, European cities, Tropical sea, lifestyle, fashion, food, fitness, portraiture, weddings. This Light & Orange Lightroom Pack will make you able to edit almost every situation!

Google Driver   ||   MegaNZ

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