Laravel CRM - Open Source CRM Web Application - Upport CRM

Laravel CRM - Open Source CRM Web Application - Upport CRM,Upport CRM v2.1.0 - Laravel CRM - Open Source CRM Web Application

Laravel CRM - Open Source CRM Web Application - Upport CRM

Upport is a powerful customer relationship management that developed by user’s feedback and real needs. Upport CRM can help you to sale more with features that provided.

Feature List

  • Customer Management: You can add lead, account and contact easily in CRM and keep relationship between contact and account. You can search in all of the customers by all fields that filled just with one click. You can assign a color custom badge to every customer. Also, you can customize customers table list columns by your needs.

  • Kanban Opportunity Management: You can see all current opportunity in single view and track it. You can change stage of each opportunity by drag-&-drop its card. Also you can append new note to opportunity easily.

  • Sale Management: : You can attach quote, invoice, purchase order and sale order to your opportunity and export as PDF and send it for your customer. You can convert quote to invoice or sale order.

  • Calendar: With custom calendar you can see all holidays in future days and in weekly view add reminders easily and edit it.

  • Report Builder: With Report Builder you can create custom report without any SQL language knowledge. You can filter data by your needs and get sum, max, min, average of your data.

  • Dashboard: We provide useful widget and gage to analytics your sales organization. We try to add other useful gage to dashboard with customer’s feedback.

  • Inventory Management: You can add all services and products with its vendors to handle invoice, quote, sale order and purchase order. Also, you can import all product from Excel file just with multi-click. In this section, we control the amount of inventory stock to notify before that unavailable.

  • Notification Management: In Upport for each event we defined a notification that sent as SMS, Panel and Email template. You can customize each notification template and define sending method.

  • Customer Additional Fields: Don’t worry about custom field in account or contact form. You can add custom additional fields easily and use it in filter section or report builder. Now you can define multiple field type like phone, number, text, …

  • Integration with IP-PBX: : Upport can integrate with Asterisk IP-PBX to click-to-call and show Caller-ID and specification of customer that called. It’s useful for save time to register customer actions.

  • Integration with SMS, Email: You can send SMS and Email to customer from customer details page.

  • Import Data: You can import contacts, accounts, leads and products from Excel file just with multiple click.

  • Auto Backup: Don’t worry about data disaster. With auto backup feature of Upport you can set schedule to automatic backup from database and attachments.

  • User management: You can define all technician or sale person users with all their properties.

  • Define Custom Role Permission for each Technician: : You can define role and every role can include some permission like create, read, update, delete then assign to technician or sale person.

  • @mention technicians in note: You can use @user_name structure to insert name of persons then Upport notify persons that mentioned in note.

  • Multilanguage Support (RTL & LTR): Now Upport support from three languages: English, Spanish, Arabic with support bi-directional RTL and LTR.

  • Responsive UI & User Friendly: Upport UI is based on responsive CSS3 structure and support mobile, tablet, desktop, large desktop screen.


  • PHP Version 7.0 or 7.1 or 7.2

  • MySQL Database

Road Map

  • Contract Module

  • SLA for Tickets

  • Business Rule

  • Project management

Upport CRM v2.1.0 - Laravel CRM - Open Source CRM Web Application

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