Khóa Học Complete E-Commerce Course - Java,Spring,Hibernate and MySQL

Khóa Học Complete E-Commerce Course - Java,Spring,Hibernate and MySQL

Khóa Học Complete E-Commerce Course - Java,Spring,Hibernate and MySQL
Khóa Học Complete E-Commerce Course - Java,Spring,Hibernate and MySQL

What you'll learn

  • Know how to develop the basic modules for an E-Commerce website
  • know how to develop both front-end and back-end

  • Know how to use HTML, CSS to develop static page

  • Know how to use bootstrap to prettify the page
  • Know how to Javascript and JQuery to manipulate DOM object
  • Know how to use Thymeleaf as template engine
  • Know how to design a basic E-Commerce architecture
  • Know how to use Spring Boot to develop backend
  • know how to use the MVC pattern during development
  • know how to use MySQL database

Course content

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–Introduction and Overview

Download this source files first !!!!

Course Overview

Project Tour

Project Modules

Tools We Need

–Getting Started

Start Project with Index Page

Adding Carousel in Index Page

Adding More Pictures

Adding Featured-books and Non-responsive CSS


Adding Common Part of Template

–My Account

Adding MyAccount Page

Adding MyAccount Page Body

Adding User Entity, JPA, Hibernate and MySQL

Adding Security and Security Entities

Adding Security Configuration

Adding More to Login

Adding PasswordResetToken and UserService

Addin MyProfile Page

Adding New User Controller

Adding Create User Logic

Create New User Trouble Shooting

Wrapping MyAccount Login

–Getting Started on Admin Portal

Entity Relationship

AdminPortal - Book Entity

AdminPortal - Home Template

AdminPortal - Login Page

AdminPortal - Add Login Function

AdminPortal - Adding New Book Form

AdminPortal - Add New Book Form - part 2

AdminPortal - Modify New Book Form

AdminPortal - Add New Book Backend Logic

AdminPortal - View BookList

–BookStore Frontend

BookStore - Add Bookshelf

Bookstore - Add Book Detail Page

Bookstore - Add Book Detail Page - part 2

AdminPortal - Add BookInfo Page

AdminPortal - Add Update Book Page

AdminPortal - Add Update Book Logic

AdminPortal - Add Various Plugin

–Enhance the Features

Bookstore - Adding MyProfile Controller

Bookstore - Adding UserShipping and UserPayment

Bookstore - Add UserShipping and UserBilling Logic

Bookstore - Add CreditCard Template

Bookstore - Finish the CreditCard Page

Bookstore - Add New CreditCard Post Logic

Bookstore - Add Update CreditCard Info

Bookstore - Remove CreditCard and Set Default CreditCard

Bookstore - Add UserShiping Template

Bookstore - Add New Shipping Logic

Bookstore - Update Remove and SetDefault for UserShipping

–A Journey of Shopping Cart

Bookstore - Add Entities for ShoppingCart and Order

Bookstore - Add Other Entities

Bookstore - Add ShoppingCart Template

Bookstore - Add More Services and Controls

Bookstore - Add ShoppingCart Logic

Bookstore - Add Book to ShoppingCart

Bookstore - Test Adding Book to ShoppingCart

Bookstore - Update Qty and Delete function in ShoppingCart

–Starting Checkout

Bookstore - Adding Checkout Page

Bookstore - Add Shipping Template

Bookstore - Add Billing Info Template

Bookstore - Add Review Items Template

Bookstore - Adding Checkout Related Services

Bookstore - Adding Checkout Info - part 2

Bookstore - Add Use This Shipping and Use This Payment

Bookstore - Add Billing the Same As Shipping

–Submit Order Dance

Bookstore - Handling Order Submit

Bookstore - Add Create Order Service

Bookstore - Add Order Confirmation Email Template

Bookstore - Finish Checkout Order

Bookstore - Fix UpdateUserInfo

Bookstore - Debugging Submitting Order and Email

–Some More Features

Bookstore - Add View Order Detail Template

Bookstore - Add Order Detail Controller

AdminPortal - Import Book Data

Bookstore - Scenario Testing and Bug Fixing

AdminPortal - Add Delete Book Functionality

AdminPortal - Finish Up Deleting

Bookstore - Some Other Enhancement

Bookstore - Add SearchByCategory Logic

Bookstore - Fuzzy Search

–Wrap Up


Google Driver

Part 1

Part 2

Mshare ( Tốc độ cao ) - Full

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