GuestPass - Apartment Guest Managment App

GuestPass - Ứng dụng quản lý khách chung cư GuestPass - Apartment Guest Managment App

GuestPass - Apartment Guest Managment App

Guest pass – a complete solution for apartment security, now validate known or unknown guest from the app and allow them to enter in our apartment / in our premises.

This app helps to invite a guest to our flat /premises, just adding few details like guest name, mobile number and share access code to them to allow only that guest who you want to in your premises / Flat 

Auto-generated access code you can share via text, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype etc. to guest mobile

If guest come to our apartment gate then they need to show this access code or QR code to security guard after that security guard will scan your code or enter access code manually in his security app , then guard will allow guest to enter your apartment/premises, if you set guest type as an Unknow then guard must be add few extra info during check-in,  like guest photos and documents.

User app Features

Add Unlimited Guest from user app
Share unlimited Access code to the guest
Share access code via text, WhatsApp, Facebook etc
Track guest activities
Allow only wanted guest
Invite known and Unknow guest using the app
Find Guest check-in time along with details
Clean and Attractive Design

Security Guard app Features

Multiple security guard can log in
Scan the QR code to validate guest to allow in premises
Able to enter the manual access code to allow guest
Can take photo and document of Unknow guest
Guard can check how many guests entered in premises
able to allow or disallow guest on time
Find Guest type along with details
Clean and Attractive Design

What You Will Get

App source code (Android Studio)
Admin panel source code (CodeIgniter)
User guide
Demo Apk

Admin Panel Details

Pass:- demo123

App credentials

Normal User App:- 9999999999
Pass:- 12345

Security User:- 8888888888
Pass:- 54321

Google Driver   |  |   MegaNZ

Password Unzip:

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