Documentary Editing with Final Cut Pro X

Documentary Editing with Final Cut Pro X

Documentary Editing with Final Cut Pro X
Documentary Editing with Final Cut Pro X

Hi, I'm Diana Weynand, and welcome to Documentary Editing with Final Cut Pro X. In this course, we'll look at what makes a good documentary, how to cultivate an audio narrative, and how to evaluate a documentary for pace and timing. I'll start by showing you how to annotate clip content, and focus your organizational structure in the event browser. Then I'll look at how to use individual projects to create the building blocks for a story, and then combine those projects into a single primary storyline. We'll combine audio sources together,and fix awkward sound edits, to achieve a fully polished sound mix.

We'll be covering all these features, plus plenty of other tools and techniques. There's so many ways to edit a documentary, that the more you learn about the process and how to apply specific tools, the better prepared you will be to solve any problem that's presented to you.Now, let's get started with Documentary Editing with Final Cut Pro X.

This course shows how to build a polished documentary using Apple Final Cut Pro X and a few essential editing techniques. Author Diana Weynand demonstrates documentary editing in a real-world project, breaking down the process into a series of manageable steps and milestones. After reviewing existing footage, explore how to build and define a narrative, assemble rough cuts, and create motion graphics. Then see how to adjust B-roll shots, incorporate color correction and audio mixing techniques, and export the final movie.

This course is part of a series that looks at documentary editing from the point of view of 3 different editors in 3 different editing applications.  For more insight on editing documentary projects, take a look at Documentary Editing with Avid Media Composer and Documentary Editing with Premiere Pro.

Topics include:

  • Interpreting a creative brief
  • Logging interviews and organizing footage
  • Pulling selects and focusing ideas
  • Assembling scenes into rough cuts
  • Creating a title graphic sequence
  • Animating images
  • Tightening clip timing
  • Compressing and exporting multiple files

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