Developing a Style Guide

Developing a Style Guide

Developing a Style Guide
Developing a Style Guide

Hi, I'm Nigel French. Welcome to Developing a Style Guide. In this short course, we're gonna be looking at who is the style guide for and what are the elements that should be included? To demonstrate these points, I've created a style guide for the Roux Academy of Art. Let's get started then with Developing a Style Guide.

A style guide helps clarify a company's voice, look, and identity. In this course, Nigel French explains the components that make a style guide—sometimes called a branding guidelines book. The course shows the importance of the style guide for maintaining logo integrity, a unified voice, and consistent use of typography, color, and imagery.

Topics include:

  • Understanding how style guides fit into the branding process
  • Who is a style guide for?
  • Formatting the guide
  • Deciding what to include
  • Identifying your position statement and voice
  • Working with logos and typography
  • Formalizing brand colors
  • Working with images

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