- If you draw a line,…then just about everyone can see it's a line.…If you type a word,…then anyone who understands that language…can read that word.…But if you set that line and text to a color?…Well, it's much more complex.…The line and the word will look the same…no matter how you print it or view it on screen.…But the color won't.…The color you're looking at right now, this blue,…is almost certainly different than the color…I'm looking at on my screen.…And that's a problem because we communicate with color.…

You know that different colors…evoke different feelings, right?…So you'd never see a green stop sign.…Or a pink one.…No, it needs to be a strong, saturated red.…But like I said, just because I pick a red on my screen,…doesn't mean you're going to see that same red…on your screen and that red will probably look…even more different when it comes out on a printer.…There are lots of reasons for this.…First, to make a color on screen,…you combine red, green, and blue light.…There are lots of reasons for this.…

Do the colors of your graphics and images look different on your screen than they do in print? Color management is the key to having consistent color throughout your design process, from project setup to final output. This course explains the fundamentals of managing color in Adobe InDesign—in a way any designer can understand. David Blatner walks through what you need to know about color management and the three-step process to get great color every time: configuring accurate color settings, importing images the right way from Photoshop and Illustrator, and optimizing output settings for print and export.

Topics include:

  • Understanding gamut and out-of-gamut color
  • Creating great color profiles
  • Working in InDesign's transparency blend space
  • Using sRGB color settings
  • Dealing with profile and policy mismatches
  • Preparing RGB and CMYK images
  • Importing images in InDesign
  • Proofing design on screen
  • Printing documents
  • Exporting PDF files

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