Cash Matics - PHP Script

Cash Matics - PHP Script

Cash Matics - PHP Script
Cash Matics - PHP Script

Cash Matics is a premium script for Online Merchants that deals with Cryptocurrency Sales, Gift Cards Sales, Loan Management, Investment Management, Savings Account System and lots more. It was built using Laravel Framework for better security with fool proof algorithm. We have carefully developed this system to ensure that smooth running of your business online is well cultured and safe from unauthorised access

With this system, your customers can buy or sell cryptocurrencies on your portal, buy or sell gift cards on your portal, make deposits into the system and invest funds with automated running of ROI "Return On Investment" to ensure no fund is lost in the system. Your users can also request for loan with our loan management architecture embedded in the system as well as buy digital units of shares which can be re-sold when shares unit price goes high. Administrator can create coin units or whatever name you choose to call your units with pre-defined cost and selling price which can be altered at will by admin upon increase in market value of the said coin units. Cash Matics is well structured to ensure that users have smooth experience on the platform with engaging users interface.



Password: test1234


Password: admin


Advanced dashboard with multiple excellent statistics and widget
Investment System
Super Investment system with investment monitor module
E-mail alerts
Receive E-mail for every transaction carried out on your account
Multiple Advanced charts for accounts, users, payments, loan and many more..
Customers information
Manage and track all customers information
Buy and sell giftcards
Users can buy and sell giftcards
Online Payment
Paystack & Rave-Pay, Stripe & Paypal payment integration
Loan Management
Users can request for loan on the platform
Shares Manager
Advanced shares management system for cutomers
Account Settings
customers can manage savings, loan from the users dashboard easily
Check Last Login
Users can check the last login date on the system for easy account monitoring
Users can send email to any staff and admin on the system for easy collaboration
Notice Management
Admin can post notice
Trade Cryptocurrency
Buy and sell crypto currency
Messaging System
Private and group messaging system for all users
Administrator can manage system every settings options like payment settings, staff settings, system settings and many more
Reset Password
Reset password of any user is now very easy
Complain Management
Users can add complain about anything to authority
Online Registration
New Customers can apply online

Google Driver   ||   MegaNZ

Password Unzip:

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