Artistic: Photo editor n collage maker

Artistic: Photo editor n collage maker,Artistic v1.0 - Photo editor n collage maker

Artistic: Photo editor n collage maker

✨ ⚡ Artistic Photo editor and collage maker offers you variety of stunning image editing tools at your fingertips. You can edit your photo using provided variety of filters, effects like blend/light/texture and weather as well you can adjust with some of contrast/fade/tone/grain and many more… ✨ ⚡

It’s simple step creating stunning DP, Status, and post image, This app is made in latest Android studio and kotlin language.

Smart InterstitialAd Integrated in App that reduce missing fill out on Facebook and Admob which first display Facebook, if facebook ads not availble currently then it will display Admob ad.

Google Play Store rating smart popup that indicate to user for rate on playstore based on their activity in app, Also you can change those setting in code.

App Features:

 Crop and resize your photo

✔ Using crop functionality you can rotate, resize and flip (horizontally and vertically) your photo also you can crop your photo as your way.

 Variety of filters

✔ Beauty your photo using veriety of filters like Duo, Fresh, Euro, Elegant, Golden, Tint, Film, Ratro and many more…

 Stunning effects

✔ Apply stunning effects on your photo like blend, lights, texture and weather effects.

 Adjust Feature

✔ Using adjust feature you can apply Contrast, Fade, Tone, Grain, Convex, Exposure, Sharpen and many more…

Ultra HSL Effects

✔ You can try RGB conbination as per your choice on your photo using HSL feature.

 Collage Maker

✔ You can select multiple images from your captured memory and select collage layouts as well as you can apply filter effect, border and background of your collage image.

Share with your friends

✔ Once you will edit your photo then after just one click you can share your edited photo to your colleagues and friends.

Also you can write stylish text as you want on your photo as well you can put many inbuilt stickers also you can make border of your photo.

Artistic v1.0 - Photo editor n collage maker

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