Android Radio App (Online Radio, Streaming, M3U8, M3U, MP3, PLS, AAC, FM)

Android Radio App (Online Radio, Streaming, M3U8, M3U, MP3, PLS, AAC, FM)

Android Radio App (Online Radio, Streaming, M3U8, M3U, MP3, PLS, AAC, FM)
Android Radio App (Online Radio, Streaming, M3U8, M3U, MP3, PLS, AAC, FM)

Online Radio Application is app that listen live radio on android device. Listen your favorite Radio Station Live in your mobile phone with this Android application on your Android device. that support almost all format.The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided.

DEMO ADMIN URL: Click here

Username: admin
password: admin


Android Side

  • Login/Register/ForgotPassword/Profile
  • MostViewed, Latest and Featured radio list
  • Supports mp3, m3u, m3u8, pls streams
  • Supports mp3 and aac type streams
  • Displays Song Name playing in radio (works for m3u, pls, mp3 links only)
  • Auto Stop Radio Feature to stop streaming automatically
  • Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Previous online radio stream
  • Total views of each radio station
  • Filter Radios by Cities and Languages
  • On Demand Section (for mp3) with categories
  • Suggestion Page for users to suggest songs
  • Report Radio/Ondemand Songs
  • Supports RTL
  • Play Radio/OnDemand Songs in Background
  • Bookmark your favourite radios
  • Facebook & Twitter links
  • Clear cache option to clear cache
  • User can select theme from app
  • Themes colors is added from admin panel
  • Admob with Banner and Interstitial ads Integrated
  • App comply with GDPR
  • OneSignal Push Notification
  • Send notification through admin panel
  • Manage Ad and notification details from admin panel
  • On/Off Push Notification Option in app
  • Firebase Analytics
  • You can also change frequency on interstitial ad to show after number of click in admin panel
  • All Device Combability
  • Easily Navigate With Navigation View and tabs.
  • Check Network Availability.
  • Latest UI with Material Design
  • Easy Admin Panel with Latest Material Design
  • Android Studio Code (Recommended Android Studio Version – 3.3)

Admin Side:

  • Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.
  • Radio station management
  • User management
  • On demand,report management
  • Json Service

What You Get:

  • Full Android Source Code.
  • Full Php Code of Server Side.
  • Full Document with Screenshots.

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Change Log

27 July 2019

- Added Security for API
- Updated All Android Libraries
- Bug fix
- Document Updated
- Code Compatible till Android 9.0 and Android Studio 3.3 (recommended)

05 April 2019

- App is now 64bit
- Added Exoplayer for radio streams
- Added Auto Stop Radio Feature
- Added Login/Register
- Added Report Radio/Ondemand
- Added Suggestion Page
- Clear cache option to clear cache
- Code Optimization
- Bug fix
- Document Updated
- Code Compatible till Android 9.0 and Android Studio 3.3 (recommended)

25 July 2018

-App Comply with GDPR
-Added On Demand Section (for mp3)
-Added Firebase Analytics
-New UI for App
-Detect Song Name playing in radio (works for m3u, pls links only)
-User can select theme from app and theme colors is added form admin panel
-Send Notification through admin panel
-Add Admob and Onesignal Details in Admin Panel
-New Designed Admin Panel
-Bug fix
-Document Updated
-Code Compatible till Android 8.1 and Android Studio 3.1.2 (recommended)

20 April 2018

-  Added support for m3u8 streams
- City details page and language detail page now loads all radios

20 February 2018

- Added RTL Support
- Language Module Added
- Slow Buffer issue solved
- Most Viewed and Featured Radio List
- Minor UI changes
- Code Compatible till Android 8.0 (Oreo) & Android Studio 3.0.1
- Bug fix
- Document Updated

14 April 2017

- Google Analytics Added
- Navigaton View
- Admob Native Ads added
- Total View for radio
- Privacy Policy Added
- Code Compatible till Android 7.0 (Nougat)
- Bug fix
- Document Updated
- Admin Panel UI updated

23 May 2017

- Update With Material Design.
- Update firebase-client-android-2.5.2 Lib Version.
- Update New Document.

18 July 2014

- Search and Category Added.

21 July 2014

- Small tab navigation force close issue solved.

11 November 2014

- StartApp SDK Updated.

16 May 2015

- Now Support AAC/AAC+.

31 August 2014

- Compatible With Android Studio.
- Add Google Analytic.

Google Driver   |   Fshare ( Tốc độ cao )   |   MegaNZ

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