- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Tom Geller, and this is Drupal 7 Advanced Training. This course is designed for anybody who's already gotten started with the web development software Drupal and now wants to go a little bit further. We'll continue along the lines started in Drupal 7 Essential Training, pointing and clicking through Drupal's web-based interface to improve your site's interactivity and appearance. But we'll also go beyond Drupal's point-and-click interface to see Unix commands that are useful for advanced system administration and you'll see a Drupal-specific tool called Drush that lets you maintain your site faster and easier than ever before.

You'll get experience with such advanced modules as Rules and Context, which give you programmer-like control without having to write a single line of code. You'll see how to create flexible layouts and designs as well using the Panels module and starter themes that help give your site a completely unique look. Finally, we'll answer the bigger questions such as how do I plan my site and what's the best way to make Drupal part of my career? Let's get started with Drupal 7 Advanced Training.

This course teaches web site designers how to take their sites to the next level with a few advanced techniques and the free and open-source Drupal software. Author Tom Geller shows how to configure the most popular add-on modules; use *nix commands and an FTP program to manage a Drupal site on a web server; change its visual appearance using the latest graphical tools; automate and speed through common tasks with Drush; integrate with social media sites; and see how "supermodules" like Panels, Context, Rules, and Features open up new worlds of code-free development.

Drupal 7 Advanced Training was designed as a follow-up to Drupal 7 Essential Training and it also dovetails nicely with our other Drupal courses, such as Drupal 7 Reporting and Visualizing Data and Create Your First Online Store with Drupal Commerce.

Topics include:

  • Moving a site from the development environment to production
  • Hosting a Drupal site
  • Moving databases with phpMyAdmin and Unix commands
  • Making site administration more efficient with Drush
  • Backing up site data
  • Moderating comments
  • Migrating from previous versions of Drupal
  • Working with themes
  • Creating variable layouts
  • Enabling social features
  • Creating an online store with Drupal Commerceư

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