Ads Pro Add-on - WordPress Marketing Agency

Ads Pro Add-on - WordPress Marketing Agency

Ads Pro Add-on - WordPress Marketing Agency

This add-on for Ads Pro allows you to create a really HUGE system to Manage Advertising on WordPress (can be used 25+ ad templates and 20+ display types) and Non-WordPress Sites (via iframe, can be used 25+ ad templates in default display type). Marketing Agency Add-on can be used both to create a Global Marketing Agency (users can sell ads on their sites – you will be able to earn commission for sale ads) or Private Marketing Agency (you can sell ads on your sites).

Ads Pro – Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad Manager version 1.0.7 or higher.

Main Features

- Marketing Agency Dashboard
- Sites Creator ( add / edit sites )
- Ad Spaces Manager ( manage ad spaces / ads)
- Ad Spaces Manager ( add / edit ad spaces )
- Ads Manager ( add / edit ads )
- Withdrawal Module
- a lot of Ads Pro functions

Profits from Marketing Agency Add-on

- Users (seller) can sell and make money advertising on their WordPress or Non-WordPress Sites
- Users (buyer) can buy advertising on different websites from one place (via Agency Ordering Form)
- You as Owner of Marketing Agency will be able to make money on sold ads. You will get a commission on each sale. Of course you can control amount of commission (default is 30% for you from each sold ads).

How easy users (or you) can Sell Ads on their Sites?

1. Download and Install the Marketing Agency Parser (here you can get it). This point is not required for non-wordpress sites or if you use iframe code to show ads.
2. Log in to our demo site (here):
- login: sub_demo
- pass: pass_demo
3. Add new Site
4. Add new Ad Space and Ads
5. Copy Shortcode (if you use WordPress and Parser Plugin) or Iframe to paste Ads anywhere you want on your site!

Done! Now you can Manage Ads on unlimited Sites or Users can purchase Ads via Agency Frontend Order Form  :)

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Password Unzip:

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