Adobe Lightroom Classic 2020 Portable (v9.1) +Camera Raw +Multilanguage +Setup

Adobe Lightroom Classic 2020 Portable (v9.1) +Camera Raw +Multilanguage +Setup

Adobe Lightroom Classic 2020 Portable (v9.1) +Camera Raw +Multilanguage +Setup

Edit and organize your photos with the app that’s optimized for desktop.

Lightroom Classic CC gives you powerful one-click tools and advanced controls to make your photos look amazing. Easily organize all your photos on your desktop, and share in a variety of ways.


Your best shots. Made even better.

Your photos don’t always reflect the scene the way you remember it. But with Lightroom Classic CC, you have all the desktop editing tools you need to bring out the best in your photographs. Punch up colors, make dull-looking shots vibrant, remove distracting objects, and straighten skewed shots. Plus, the latest release offers improved performance so you can work faster than ever.

  • With better performance under the hood, Lightroom Classic CC lets you import photos, generate previews, and move from Library to Develop Module in record time.
  • Use range masking tools to easily select the areas or objects you want to edit based on their color, luminance, or depth.
  • Create HDR panos faster now that you can merge multiple bracketed exposures into multiple HDR photos and then stitch them into a panorama — all in one step.

New in 2019:

Faster tethering

Experience greater speed and stability when tethering a Canon camera to Lightroom Classic CC.

One-step Merge to Panorama

Create HDR panos faster now that you can merge multiple bracketed exposures into multiple HDR photos and then stitch them into a panorama — all in one step.

Depth range masking

Make selections based on specific depth ranges in either the foreground or background of your HEIC photos.

Improved negative Dehaze

See less noise when you move the Dehaze slider to the left of zero.

Improved high-ISO rendering

Get natural color in your low-light, high-ISO shots.

What does ‘Classic’ mean?

Lightroom CC is now known as Lightroom Classic CC. It is the traditional well-known Lightroom of past years, while Lightroom CC (not Classic) is a cloud-based version with a totally different target audience.


This is a multi-package portable. I can add updates/plugins via .svm files, just request plugins or notify me about new updates.


- Adobe Lightroom Classic 2020 Portable.exe = main data file and program - Camera Raw package: already included in main data file. Not possible to use external .svm as in Lightroom its location is different than all other Adobes. - bridge.svm: includes latest Bridge program, launch it via File->Browse in Bridge


Addons/plugins/presets/etc can be added in two ways: - via .svm files by me, to put in the same folder as main exe. - via 'normal files' by you, to put somewhere under sandbox folder.

Sandbox folder: "\Sandbox\Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019\roaming\modified\@PROGRAMFILES@\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019\"

Note: Camera Raw is included. Lightroom is not compatible with my external updateable .svm camera raw, but works with all other svm files, like Bridge or other plugins.


Multilanguage version! All languages included, change in settings :) Available: English, deutsch, french, chinese, japanese, nederlands, italian, korean, portugues, spanish, svenska. (de_DE,en_US,es_ES,fr_FR,it_IT,ja_JP,ko_KR,nl_NL,pt_BR,sv_SE,zh_CN,zh_TW)


Known issues:

2020 Suite just came out, first patched versions are out, but they still have some minor issues. (even install version, it's not a portable issue!)

For Lightroom:

v8.0 - "Develop" and "Map" module pages not working

v8.2.1+ - pages fixed!

v8.4.1 - (made with Thinapp, doesn't support svm)

v9.1 - 2020 update, svm support, but Dev not working for now - incl. Camera Raw 12.1

v9.1 v2 - 2020 update, no svm support, Dev working - incl. Camera Raw 12.1

Portable features:

  • No installation required
  • No admin rights needed
  • Pre-activated
  • 100% Offline, completely safe to use, no firewall needed
  • Sandbox/Data folder containing modified settings, delete to reset
  • Just run it and start creating!

Google Driver   |  |   MegaNZ

Adobe Bridge

CC 2019


Uploadrar: ponte1901svm.rar
Turbobit: ponte1901svm.rar


Uploadrar: ponte19svm.rar
Rapidgator: ponte19svm.rar
Turbobit: ponte19svm.rar

CC 2018




Luminar plugin

Portable (standalone exe)

Part 1  |   Part 2

Plugin (.svm)

Part 1  |   Part 2


Part 1  |   Part 2

Athentech Perfectly Clear


Setup releases

Lightroom Classic CC 2020 (v9.1.0.10)

Part 1  |   Part 2

Athentech Perfectly Clear

Google Driver   |  |   MegaNZ

Password Unzip:

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