Acrobat X Creating Forms

Acrobat X Creating Forms

Acrobat X Creating Forms
Acrobat X Creating Forms

This course demonstrates how to design a form from scratch in Word, Illustrator, or InDesign—or from an existing electronic document. author Claudia McCue teaches how to add interactive fields like check boxes, buttons, drop-down lists, and digital signature fields; how to add field calculations like sum or average; and how to use JavaScript for more advanced calculations. The course also covers how to enable forms for Acrobat Reader users, add security to a form, distribute it via email or the web, and collect data from recipients.

Topics include:

  • Designing forms in multiple applications
  • Creating and editing fields
  • Using auto-recognition
  • Adding buttons and check boxes
  • Creating and adding artwork
  • Performing math in a form
  • Creating an order form
  • Securing forms with passwords and digital signatures
  • Distributing forms via email or

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