Access 2010 New Features

Access 2010 New Features

Access 2010 New Features
Access 2010 New Features

Microsoft Access is one of those applications you either love or loathe. Some of the features are quite useful for smaller databases, like address books and CD/DVD collections, but the 2GB database file size limitation is constricting. The Office 2010 release of Access offers some improvements that make the application more usable, including reliability enhancements.

This post will look at some of these new and/or improved items to bring you an overall picture of just what Access 2010 brings to the party this time around.

Web-ready database format

The Web is the new desktop in some environments. The Access team took this into consideration and provided a Web-ready format for databases. While previous versions of Access allowed publishing to the Web via scripting technologies to access the data, Access 2010 makes Web publication even easier by making use of the Web Database type.


Another change to Access 2010 is the inclusion of a better macro environment. Macros function more like SQL triggers. They can be launched conditionally based on actions taken within the database, which not only improves performance, but also can improve the user experience by allowing tasks to be automated.

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