50+ Light Leaks Wedding Lightroom Presets

50+ Light Leaks Wedding Lightroom Presets

50+ Light Leaks Wedding Lightroom Presets
50+ Light Leaks Wedding Lightroom Presets

50 Light Leaks Presets for Lightroom

Light leaks entirely change the look of your photo, giving it a simultaneously en vogue and retro look. Use Vibrant Shutter's Lightroom Light Leaks Presets to accomplish this unique and interesting feel, without sacrificing the quality of your original work. You'll love the results, and also the minimal amount of time it takes to achieve them. What's more, light leaks Presets are flexible, meaning you can go beyond the fashionable and vintage looks they're most often used for, and go in an entirely new direction. It's all up to your artistic muse!

  • One Click Presets
  • Customize Adjustments
  • Includes 50 Presets

*Compatible with Adobe Lightroom versions: 4, 5, 6 & CC

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