5 Salty Spain Lightroom Presets

5 Salty Spain Lightroom Presets

5 Salty Spain Lightroom Presets

You will get: 5 Spain Premium Presets - for Lightroom mobile & Lightroom desktop! ( 3 main preset styles and extra Versions of 2 presets for easier editing)

You are looking into creating inspiring content from your travels to Spain or other green, nature bound countries and areas around the world? This premium Lightroom preset collection is the right one for you! It is inspired by 10 weeks of Vanlife travels through Spain.

This Lightroom Presets include 3 different styles:

Moody-Noisy: fits just perfect to the rich green landscape, deep blue ocean and the everchanging hilly landscape of Northern Spain. Use when the sun is out and throughout the whole year.

Mystic Light: This preset is made for those enchanting foggy and cloudy days with no sun. It twists the light and enriches the pictures with a purple mystic look. This way even overcast days look like out of a dream turned into reality.

Shades of Green: Fits perfect to give a unique special look to the thousand shades of green you can find here all over the year in this moist-mild oceanic climate.

All are compatible with LR Mobile and Lightroom Desktop

List of Preset files:

01_Salty_Spain_Moody_highresCamera | Inspired by Spain’s landscape. Fits perfect in the rich green landscape, blue ocean and hilly landscape of Northern Spain. Perfect when the Sun is out. The HighresCamera Version is made for DLSR’s for mobile phones in the most cases the 01b_Salty_Spain_MoodySpring_lowResCamera_lessNoise suits best.

01b_Salty_Spain_Moody_lowResCamera | like 01_Salty_Spain_MoodySpring_highresCamera but with less Grain / Noise added, perfect for smaller Cameras and Smartphones. Also could fit better when your image out of your DLSR already has a lot of noise in the picture (high ISO)

02_Salty_Spain_Mystic | Spain can get really mystic and foggy and this is when it this Lightroom Presets has its full potential. It add a purple mystic look to your Images.

03_Salty_Spain_ShadesofGreen_Basic | Especially northern spain is super green, this Preset gets the most of the differents shades of Green you can find. Perfect for Landscapes.

03b_Salty_Spain_ShadesofGreen_ExtraPop | The same style like 03_Salty_Spain_ShadesofGreen but a adds a bit more pop to your Images.

Being one of my top 10 presets I use during my professional editing I am happy to share it with you now. Make sure to check out my Moroccan flair as well!

Whether you are a blogger, Instagram influencer or a vanlifer on the road, this extraordinary preset will suit you well, as it is made for a wide range of pictures, whilst focussing on the countryside around northern Spain but also suits all other kinds of location and style. Express your feelings through the perfect photo edit and let the emotion be carried to your followers and friends.

Tips and Tricks:

If you feel like the picture does not look right after activating the preset, most of the time some adjustment in the exposure and /or White Balance slider can regulate it. In case you use a wide angle lens, like e.g. a 16mm with a vignette, don't forget to check “enable profile correction” in Lightroom to get rid of the vignette.

Please feel free to contact me in case you have any questions

There are no refunds/exchanges on any digital items.

Digitaler Download (1 ZIP) 5 .dng files for Lightroom Mobile 5 .lrtemplate for Lightroom Desktop 2 .txt with installation guidelines

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