3ds Max 2011 Particle Effects

3ds Max 2011 Particle Effects

3ds Max 2011 Particle Effects
3ds Max 2011 Particle Effects

In 3ds Max 2011: Particle Effects, Steve Nelle shows how to create a wide variety of particle special effects including smoke, water, and explosions. The course provides a detailed explanation of both event and non-event particle systems in 3ds Max, in addition to addressing the importance of a particle's material, the use of Space Warps and Deflectors, and creating fluid effects using MetaParticles. Six start-to-finish projects are also included in the course, which show practical techniques for creating ocean water for underwater scenes, mudslides, and more. Exercise files accompany the course.
Topics include:

    Controlling particle timing, quantity, and rotation
    Comparing particle system types, such as PArray, Super Spray, and more
    Using instanced particles to customize a particle's shape
    Understanding how to set up a particle flow
    Wiring PFlow operators and tests to change particle behavior
    Creating realistic-looking particles using maps
    Adding Gravity and Wind
    Using Space Warps like Vortex, Motor, and PBomb
    Making particles follow a path
    Spawning particles
    Creating realistic smoke


Table Of Contents
How to use this course
Using the exercise files

1. Introduction to Particle Systems
Understanding particle systems
Comparing event-driven and non-event-driven systems
Controlling particle timing and quantity
Adjusting particle size and speed
Making particles rotate
Exploring standard particle types
Using metaparticles for fluid-type effects
Using a scene object as a particle
Understanding rendering and viewport redrawing

2. Particle System Types
Super Spray

3. Introduction to Particle Flow
Understanding particle flow
Navigating the Particle view
Working with operators
Adding a test to an event
Wiring events to change a particle's behavior
Adjusting particle flow settings

4. Special Material and Rendering Considerations
Understanding material
Setting map options and particle edge blending
Changing particle appearance with age maps
Blurring moving particles with the MBlur map
Blurring particles
Outputting a render for compositing

5. Introduction to Space Warps
Understanding space warps
Using Bind to Space Warp
Adding Gravity to an effect
Adding Wind to an effect
Rotating particles with Motor space warp
Creating swirling effects with Vortex space warp
Blowing things up with Bomb space warp
Blowing things up with PBomb space warp
Making particles follow a path
Creating wave effects
Creating ripples
Deflecting particles off surfaces
Spawning particles

6. Project: Creating Smoldering Cigarette Smoke
Creating a Super Spray particle system for the smoke
Adding wind
Dampening the particle movement
Adjusting the wind settings for realistic smoke movement
Creating more realistic-looking smoke

7. Project: Creating Ocean Water
Creating the geometry and camera
Adding the background
Creating water movement
Creating the animated material for the water

8. Project: Creating Fountain Water
Creating Super Spray water particles
Adding gravity
Creating the fountain water material
Constructing the particle water material
Making final adjustments

9. Project: Creating a Mudslide Using MetaParticles
Creating the geometry
Adding the mudslide particle system
Binding a Gravity space warp to the particles
Adding the Deflector space warp
Creating the materials for the scene
Making final adjustments

10. Project: Exploding a Wooden Shack
Scoping out the project
Creating the explosive devices
Adjusting the explosion settings
Setting up the shack's visibility track
Creating the fire effect
Adding a bright explosion glow and wrapping things up

11. Project: Turning Water into Steam Using Particle Flow
Scoping out the project
Creating and positioning the particle flow system
Reviewing the PFlow events
Building the water drop geometry
Creating the water drop material
Adjusting the PFlow settings
Adding the Collision Spawn Test and deflector
Turning the drops into steam
Creating the steam material
Making the final adjustments


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