Everything is very straight forward. I have tried to make the item as very easy to use.
1750+ Magical Bundle Lightroom Presets: Ready to use in Adobe Lightroom.Make beautiful your any images by using these presets-

About item: Professional Lightroom Presets is a complete presets pack containing 1750+ prefect Lightroom Lr template for photography.These presets are specially developed for photographer.A professional photographer can save precious time by using this effect.

My recommandation:

Trying to Use High resolusion images to get perfect output.

It will not good work with highlighted images.

You will get desire output by using dark or clean background images.



Can be easily adjusted to fit your image.

Very Easy To Customize.

Works on RAW and JPEG images.

All presets have been tested experimented.


1750+ Lr template

Detail help file

Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and Creative Cloud.

Preview images are not including with download.

Preset Collections Bundle:

1. 59 Soft Retouch Lightroom Presets: 3545308-59-soft-retouch-lightroom-presets
2. 50 Brightness Lightromm Presets: 3553130-50-brightness-lightromm-presets
3. 50 Insta Portrait Lightroom Presets: 3550064-50-insta-portrait-lightroom-presets
4. 40 Premium Lightroom Presets: 3541823-40-premium-lightroom-presets
5. 39 Faded Lightroom Presets: 3534331-39-faded-lightroom-presets
6. 30 Newborn Lightroom Presets: 3529146-30-newborn-lightroom-presets
7. 30 Skin Retouch Lightroom Presets: 3536562-30-skin-retouch-lightroom-presets
8. 60 Duotone Lightroom Presets: 3520693-60-duotone-lightroom-presets
9. 30 Fashion Photography Lightroom Presets: 3528133-30-fashion-photography-lightroom-presets
10. 25 Color Hdr Lightroom Presets: 3531686-25-color-hdr-lightroom-presets
11. 20 B&W Lightroom Presets: 3543882-20-b-amp-w-lightroom-presets
12. 25 Pro Portrait Lightroom Presets: 3522235-25-pro-portrait-lightroom-presets
13. 35 Cinematic Lightroom Presets: 3535769-35-cinematic-lightroom-presets
14. 30 Matte Collection Lightroom Presets: 3527058-30-matte-collection-lightroom-presets
15. 20 Beauty Retouch Lightroom Presets: 3548754-20-beauty-retouch-lightroom-presets
16. 20 B&W Lightroom Presets V2: 3548752-20-b-amp-w-lightroom-presets-v2
17. 33 Landscape Lightroom Presets: 3536310-33-landscape-lightroom-presets
18. 65 Pastel Urban Lightroom Presets: 3523869-65-pastel-urban-lightroom-presets
19. 20 Nature Lightroom Presets: 3523695-20-nature-lightroom-presets
20. 20 Travel Lightroom Presets: 3531695-20-travel-lightroom-presets
21. 25 Vogue Lightroom Presets: 3547843-25-vogue-lightroom-presets
22. 30 Orange & Teal Lightroom Presets: 3540363-30-orange-amp-teal-lightroom-presets
23. 25 Autumn Lightroom Presets: 3557605-25-autumn-lightroom-presets
24. 20 Cinematic Orange and Teal Lightroom Presets: 3557606-20-cinematic-orange-and-teal-lightroom-presets
25. 50 Wedding Lightroom Presets: 3557610-50-wedding-lightroom-presets
26. 20 Summer Lightroom Presets: 3558786-20-summer-lightroom-presets
27. 40 Premium Lightroom Presets V2: 3558790-40-premium-lightroom-presets-v2
28. 40 Cinematic Lightroom Presets V2: 3560210-40-cinematic-lightroom-presets-v2
29. 25 Vintage Lightroom Presets: 3569263-25-vintage-lightroom-presets
30. 25 Food Photography Lightroom Presets: 3569267-25-food-photography-lightroom-presets
31. 50 Insta Fashion Lightroom Presets: 3574374-50-insta-fashion-lightroom-presets
32. 100 Pastel Color Lightroom Presets: 3579077-100-pastel-color-lightroom-presets
33. 100 Pro Matte Lightroom Presets: 3579492-100-pro-matte-lightroom-presets
34. 15 B and W Retouch Lightroom Presets: 3588018-15-b-and-w-retouch-lightroom-presets
35. 20 B and W Lightroom Presets V3: 3593082-20-b-and-w-lightroom-presets-v3
36. 15 Washed Lightroom Presets: 3593090-15-washed-lightroom-presets
37. 100 Pro Retouch Lightroom Presets: 3593098-100-pro-retouch-lightroom-presets
38. 130 Unique Lightroom Presets: 3593101-130-unique-lightroom-presets
39. Pro Landscape Lightroom Presets: 3593104-pro-landscape-lightroom-presets
40. Exterior Real Estate Lightroom Presets: 3594503-exterior-real-estate-lightroom-presets
41. Portrait Matte Lightroom Presets: 3597548-portrait-matte-lightroom-presets
42. Premium Street Lightroom and Camera Raw Presets: 3599283-premium-street-lightroom-and-camera-raw-presets
43. Lifestyle Lightroom and Camera Raw Presets: 3599299-lifestyle-lightroom-and-camera-raw-presets
44. Retro Lightroom Presets: 3600749-retro-lightroom-presets

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